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The truth about programming

In most Hollywood movies, they show programmers and hackers typing away really fast not stop. The reality in the real world and when you see working most programmers is 90% of the time they are looking and reading the screen, thinking and trying to understand how something works or why something doesn't work.

Getting stuck is very much a universal part of programming, something you have to come to enjoy. Professional programmers when they get stuck they go to Google, stackoverflow, github, and other resources. GitHub is a tool used by programmers for collaboration but it is also one of the largest repositories of open source code.

Best feeling in the world is when you fix a bug of a problem.

The skill that most employers look for when recruiting is the ability to think. Knowledge is valued in a world where information is hard to come by. In the 1800s, only the rich had access to good books and good teachers. Now, everyone has all the information they had and more at the tap of a mouse. Information is losing value, the ability to think is the stock to buy.

This may sound unintuitive, but my advice is always to code less, think more.

Once the poorly thought-out code is written and brought into the world, you’ll inevitably have to go back and comb through your code, line-by-line, refactoring and deleting things. This is always a painful experience. So remember, the easiest code to get rid of is the code that was never written.

12 rules @

1. Trick your brain with the 20min rule

2. Code for a Purpose

3. There's no perfect language to learn

4. Understand what you are writing

5. It's ok not to know

6. Be a copycat. But please, make something.

7. Be accountable

8. Keep learning e.g. learn swift in the future

9. Play fosball

10. Get a mentor

11. Get into the habit of chunking

12. Break someone else's code

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